MSC-South Center Shelter
527 5th Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Our Multi-Service Center South (MSC-South) is the largest homeless shelter in Northern California and is a recognized leader in the care for individuals experiencing homelessness. Every day we shelter, feed and support 410 homeless men and women, and provide drop-in services to another 70 persons.

In addition to a safe place to sleep, we offer meals, medical, employment, education, mental health and housing assistance; a library and computer lab; free weekly haircuts; as well as shower and laundry facilities.

The MSC-South program improves the quality of life of those who access its services, providing for the critical needs of individuals experiencing homelessness and offering them resources to restore stability in their lives.


Through both a steady volunteer base and a dedicated staff, we offer hope to those who access the shelter’s services on a daily basis. In addition to feeding them when they are hungry, we provide a safe space for them to learn about healthy lifestyle alternatives and the tools and resources needed to make positive changes.

Over time, and with intensive effort, the cycles of homelessness, substance abuse and domestic violence are broken, as our participants become stable and reestablish healthy roles within the community.