Every day in San Francisco, more than 7,500 people are living without a permanent home, and countless more are battling with substance addiction and/or some form of domestic violence. With your help, we can make a difference and end these vicious cycles. 
Your contribution enables us to provide direct services, invaluable resources, and active person-to-person care to over 1,000 people every day. It is these invaluable gifts that allow us to operate the MSC-South homeless shelter and the Riley Center for survivors of domestic abuse, among other community-centered programs.

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Visit our History page to learn more about who we are and what we do, and how your gift can change someone’s life.

Matching Gifts from Employers

Making a donation to St. Vincent de Paul Society of San Francisco? Ask your employer if they provide a match.
Here’s the info you will need:
Official Name: San Francisco Particular Council of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul
We are a 501c3 registered nonprofit
Tax ID# 94-1571017
1175 Howard Street 
San Francisco, CA 94103

Interested in donating your time?

Check out our Volunteer section to find out how you can join us in supporting San Francisco’s most vulnerable populations.
For more information on the impact your gift makes contact:
Lisa Handley
Director of Development
Phone: (415) 757 – 6560

Furniture and Clothing Donations

Generally, we do NOT accept clothing or furniture donations but special requests will be made on a need-by-need basis. We do not have drivers or transportation to pick up donations. If you are interested in donating the eligible items listed below, please do so at our shelter at The Multi-Service Center South located on 525 5th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107. See below for a list of our current needs.
  1. Men’s,Women’s, and Unisex gently used sweatshirts and sweatpants
  2. Men’s and Women’s belts
  3. Men’s and Women’s underwear and socks (ONLY NEW PLEASE )
  4. Men’s & Women’s gently used coats (any kind)
  5. Warm hats and baseball caps
  6. Toiletry kits
  7. Reusable tote bags with handles
  1. Shoes
  2. Children’s clothing
  3. Bedding
  4. Used towels
  5. Household items  
You may inquire with Community Thrift Store  to see if they are in need of donated items.
Community Thrift Store 
623 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA, 94110
(415) 861-4910
You may also contact The Salvation Army for more ways to donate goods, clothing and books.
The Salvation Army Family Store and Donation Dropbox (closest location to our office)
1500 Valencia Street 
San Francisco, CA, 94110
(415) 401-0698
Vehicle Donations
If you are interested in donating your vehicle, please refer to our Vehicle Donation Program for full details and guidelines.