Honoring Those We Serve 

Over the past 30 years, the Brennan Award has been presented to individuals whose personal actions have had an extraordinary impact on those in need in our City. This year, we are drawing awareness to our guests, the unhoused and survivors of domestic violence, by honoring those we serve. At SVDP-SF “We See the Unseen” and it is our hope to recognize our guests with the Brennan Award and highlight the critical support services we provide to them. 

The single adults and families we serve struggle to access basic needs and have little or no financial resources. Our guests are members of disproportionately marginalized communities and many have Limited-English Proficiency. SVDP-SF is dedicated to offering hope and service to everyone who walks through our doors. We provide support on a person-to-person basis, working to break the cycles of homelessness and domestic violence, as well as assisting guests on their journey towards self-sufficiency. 

Please join us in honoring those we serve at the 31st Annual Brennan Award Dinner.


Thank You to Our Sponsors

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