St. Vincent De Paul of San Francisco

Host a Specialty Meal


Host a Specialty Meal


Our amazing kitchen staff provides three nutritious meals a day, but eating something different and special from time to time, is really a treat. Hosted lunches provide an enjoyable experience for our clients and help them feel special and cared-for. This also allows our kitchen staff time for continued professional development, meetings and prep for the next meal.

Option 1

Your volunteer team can help by choosing a menu from one of three vendors we provide you (or you can chose your own), and underwriting the cost for 125 people. On the day of the event we will provide a menu board that describes the food and that it’s provided by your volunteer group. Or, create and decorate your own menu board which we will proudly display. Recommended budget for this option is $15 per meal, to feed up to 100 guests a specialty meal.

Option 2

Sponsoring a catered buffet or hiring a food truck to serve our guests is also an option. This would allow for individual customization and for our guests to enjoy a hot meal straight from the source. For example, a Chinese buffet or a taco truck would certainly excite our residents and provide a rare treat. Estimated costs range from $2500-$3000 depending on drinks and potential sides.

Alternatively, a one-time donation to cover a day of meals, or a week of meals provided by our staff would also be welcomed. A suggested budget for this option is $3,000 per day, at $10 per meal, to feed up to 100 people each day.


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