St. Vincent De Paul of San Francisco

Ready to Eat Meals


Ready to Eat Meals (REM’s)


Ready to eat Meals—are especially helpful for our clients and can be prepared by groups of people in a central location, or by working remotely and coordinated through a single volunteer. We accept ready to eat meal donations on Wednesday’s, Friday’s & Saturday’s, between the hours of 11-2pm.

Volunteer requirements: Volunteers are responsible for purchasing and ordering ingredients, making sandwiches and delivering them to the drop-off spot, 525 5th St, San Francisco, CA.

Goal: Prepare a minimum of 150 sandwiches that are bagged, wrapped or sealed individually.

Ingredients: Meat: 4 oz; Cheese: 2 oz ; Veggie or PBJ; Bread: 2 slices of white, wheat or sourdough bread only; Extras: Fruit, chips, small juice or water.

Virtual participation: We encourage the volunteer teams to record their time and efforts via video or pictures and share them with the SVDP Community through our social media channels. This would also provide an opportunity for the volunteer’s teams to connect virtually and cheer each other on!

If your organization is not able to make sandwiches, a donation of $1500 to help cover the daily expenses, would gladly be accepted.


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